Shopping in Jeju Island


Often called ‘the Hawaii of Asia,’ Jeju island is a beautiful island in Korea, wildly popular as a honeymoon destination and a favorite tourist destination for both Koreans and international visitors. The island is encircled by over 254km of scenic coastline and dominated by Mt. Hallasan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that rises up from the center of the island.

>> Souvenirs in Hawaii

>> Souvenirs

Jeju is covered with tourist attractions and stores featuring unique local products. Fresh tangerines and other Jeju specialties are readily available for purchase in tourist shops and traditional markets such as the Five Day Market. Crafts, specially-dyed clothing, and cosmetic items using natural ingredients are other popular souvenirs that embody the unique cultural flavor of Jeju. Most tourist attractions on the island are coupled with their own souvenir stands, featuring products specific to each site in addition to Jeju favorites.

Jeju also boasts an impressive array of offbeat museums, with sometimes surprising themes (‘The Museum of Sex and Health’ and ‘The Chocolate Museum,’ for example). Visitors will find a variety of distinctive gifts at many of the island’s museum shops. In addition, three duty-free shops offer famous luxury brand items alongside the many souvenirs and local produce characteristic of Jejudo Island. Duty-free shops are located in the Jeju International Airport, on the first floor of the Jeju International Convention Center (the duty-free shop designated by the Jeju Tourism Organization), and across from the Grand Hotel near the airport (The Shilla Duty-Free Shop).