Language Technology Podcast March 2015


Doug Higby and Ron Lockwood walk you through the latest news and developments, including some demos.

Scripture App Builder 1.0 almost released in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Report from UNESCO conference: Mobile Technology for Women and Girls. Takeaway: We need to support epub3 in addition to print outputs.
SIL Fonts: 5.0 font series – Doulos, Charis, Andika, Gentium Plus
New regional subsets: Africa [Afr], Americas [Am], Asia/Pacific [APac], Europe/Eurasia [Eur], Vietnam [Viet], Phonetic [Phon], Cyrillic (Basic) [Cyr], Cyrillic Extended [CyrE]
SayMore 3.0 Release
LangTran System using BitTorrent Sync. New video sharing feed.
Streamlining lexical data services (FLEx to Webonary)
FLEx and audio
– Adding a vernacular audio system.
– Attaching or importing sound files

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